Website Development

I am just learning about WordPress and am enjoying its flexibility compared to the restraints of other website tools such as Google Sites and Blogger. These excellent free services have served me very well for some modest purposes such as for my personal blog and a website for my community garden. However, new projects demand more and have given me a good reason to investigate WordPress. I considered other popular Content Management Systems and assume I’ve made a trade-off as we often do when making such choices. Nevertheless, WordPress is proving to do the trick and is the right choice for the moment.

I am grateful – very grateful – for all of those free tutorials, code snippets, plugins, graphics, etc. that are generously shared. It’s this kind of thing – the sharing of knowledge about any topic imaginable – that redeems the Internet from some worrisome drawbacks, such as a generation that never looks up from the screen.

Below I am listing the resources that helped me figure stuff out. I have a lot more to add and will do that soon.

Generates style codes and more.
Step-by-step interactive lessons on HTML CSS, Javascript, PHP and more.
Icon Archive
The name says it all. Credit to individual artists coming soon.