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Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Organize in your neighborhood for a single trash hauler. Or, if you have another passion to share, such as composting, gardening, or renewable energy – we can talk about that too!

Worm Bin Hosts

Help keep resources in the neighborhood as you become an expert vermiculturist with support from the University of St. Thomas.

Worm Food Delivery Drivers

Help with an ambitious composting demonstration by picking up and delivering coffee grounds from local businesses at least once a week. This is roughly a 20-30 minute task with a predictable time that can suit your schedule. It requires a car and lifting 50 pounds. As volunteer providing this super valuable help, you’ll enjoy some perks, including plenty of free worm castings for your garden.

Graphic Artists, Illustrators

Sane Sanitation could use some artwork, don’t you think? If you know your way around Photoshop and can whip up a logo and a banner for us, we would welcome the help! There could also be some opportunities for someone who can do illustrations and cartoons.