Organizing for a Single Trash Hauler

If you have too many garbage trucks using the streets and alleys in your neighborhood like we do, consider organizing your neighbors to agree on one hauler.

Political Will

Thanks to a change in state law, cities are now free to create zones for trash haulers that make some sense. Ask your city councilmember to take action.

Organics Recycling

There are a few different ways you can recycle your kitchen scraps to significantly reduce waste and build healthy soil that doesn’t rely on toxic chemicals, yet another aspect of an insane system that needs to go away.


It’s 2013. Over 20 years ago, in school my nephew Joe was learning about why it’s important to recycle. Today, we’re still arguing over bottle deposits, which are proven to increase recycling rates. In the meantime, an assortment of organizations is devoted to telling us what Joe learned when he was ten.